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June's Menu and Charity

It's June! This month we are celebrating Pride month and all those awesome father's out for Father's Day . Pick up or delivery will be June 16th- June 18th. All items will be available all month long. Wanting something else? Just send me a message and I will see what I can do.

The charity for June will be for the Kansas City Center for Inclusion. It is Kansas City's LGBTQ+ Community Center and Resource Hub.

"The Kansas City Center for Inclusion, Inc. (KCCI) is Kansas City’s LGBTQIA+ resource and community center. Founded in 2017, KCCI is proud to focus on the future of our family here in the greater Kansas City area. Kansas City’s LGBTQIA+ community has a rich history, and we are proud to continue to be a part of this great heritage.

Our Mission

To provide safe, inclusive LGBTQIA+ community spaces where people can come for education, resources, and activities, as well as support a more cohesive LGBTQIA+ community in the greater Kansas City area.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to save lives, enrich others, and create safer spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community of Kansas City."

To learn more about the Kansas City Center of Inclusion click below

To donate to the Kansas City Center of Inclusion click below

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