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It's been awhile...

It's amazing how quickly a blog can get away from you when life keeps you busy! The kids are back in school, which was a huge adjustment for everyone. Now we have band, sports, music lessons, and all the other odds and ends that life is throwing at us. Luckily I have had a few baking projects to help relieve stress and let me do what I do best, Bake!

For September and October we will not be doing a monthly charity because the bakery will be hosting the Cupcakes for Dad fundraiser to support the Association for Frontotemporal Dementia (AFTD) September 25 to October 8th. This is my one of my favorite times of year! If you are not familiar with the cupcake fundraiser, there will be 6 different flavors of cupcakes and this will be the only time you can mix and match.

The Flavors this year will be:

Raspberry Lemon- A white cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with raspberry frosting.

Vanilla Chocolate-White cupcake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with a swirl of vanilla and chocolate frosting.

Apple Pie- White cupcake filled with homemade apple pie filling and surrounded with a ring of cinnamon buttercream .

German Chocolate- Chocolate cupcake topped with coconut pecan frosting and a dollop of chocolate buttercream.

Mocha- Chocolate cupcake topped with coffee buttercream and a chocolate espresso bean.

Red Velvet- Red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese flavored frosting.

Orders can be placed starting September 25th. Pick up and delivery will be available on select days.

If you are wanting baked goods between now and the end of the year, please make sure to get your orders in ASAP as the weekends are starting to fill up.

Thank you guys for your continued support of my bakery and as always I look forward to baking for you!

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